A response to white supremacist reaction to black Jedi unveiled during Monday Night Football.


Student Researcher and Writer: Kalama Hines

Faculty Evaluator: Melissa Korber

Las Positas College

Livermore, California

Racism has a long and sordid legacy in the United States. Some people want to see that legacy extend to fictitious galaxies far, far, away. They are part of a Star Wars fan group that uses the hashtag #BoycottStarWarsVII on social media. The group asks potential moviegoers to boycott the 2015 Star Wars film in response to Disney’s casting of black actors to play Jedi Knights. In this carefully crafted article, Las Positas College student Kalama Hines responds to those taking part in this social media trend. Read the Full Article at: http://lpcexpressnews.com/new-star-wars-actor-catches-racist-flack-on-new-role/

Contact Kalama Hines: @hinesight_2020 (Twitter)

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