Beme goes Boom With The King of Social Media, Casey Neistat

Spread the loveSocial media has evolved and boomed so much since the start of the century. More and more people are starting their own internet tech companies and some...
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Social media has evolved and boomed so much since the start of the century. More and more people are starting their own internet tech companies and some of those people are beginning to make money from various online platforms such as, YouTube. Casey Neistat started his success out in the film industry selling his show (The Neistat Brothers) to HBO in 2008 for $2 million dollars. “Have you heard about the filmmaker commissioned to shoot a commercial for Nike who decided to spend the money to travel instead” (Moure)?  Currently, Casey Neistat is a YouTube legend, with over 5 million subscribers to his channel and well over 1 million views on most of his videos. Casey has utilized his YouTube fame to help create a new social media platform called Beme.

Beme launched in the summer of 2015. “With Beme, video recording is done in four-second bursts. However, instead of hitting a record button and watching the screen to see what you’re filming, you capture the video by covering your iPhone’s proximity sensor” (Tepper). The app is unique because it uses the proximity sensor on iPhones to record the videos. The video is recorded using the proximity sensor by place your phone over your chest or forehead (anywhere that can cover the sensor basically). The second interesting feature is that the app allows users to record a selfie to react to the videos they watch. Similar to Snapchat, the videos are only there for a certain amount of time before they fade away.

Neistat’s app has caught the attention of many other publications. Tech Crunch got some insight on the app from Casey itself, reporting that most of the programming is complete but back ending improvements will occur to help fix bugs that were reported by users. The New York Times tech blog (Bits) says the app will have to compete in an already established market with Snapchat and Vine. Buzzfeed also covered the release of the app but did not have to much to comment on the future of Beme.

What makes Beme so much more interesting than other social media platforms is that it was created by someone who became successful through social media. Beme is basically a social media built from social media. It can change social media because the app takes the more useful qualities of snapchat and vine and puts it into one application. It is revolutionary and has a cooler story behind the app than any other social media companies.


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Author: Jack Ward (University of Vermont)
Travel deals seeker, car lover, and social media enthusiast.

Advisor: Rob Williams, Ph.D., University of Vermont Professor of Media/Communication

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