Faculty Accounts

At present, we don’t have the capacity to have 100s of individual student accounts, and we do want there to be some oversight regarding what is posted at the site (i.e., faculty have reviewed the work prior to posting). We do this at Project Censored, where faculty review student work and then send it along to us so we can further review and post it. Below are instructions for how faculty and get an account, and what the general guidelines for use are at the GCMLP site.

Step 1. Create an account here
Step 2. Email Adam to get your account verified at: californiaadam(@)me.com  – remove the parentheses
Step 3. Log into your account here then post your students’ work making sure to pick the correct category and making sure to add their name at the end of the post here

If you are not faculty and want to sign up for an account (i.e., you are a student who attended the Summit, or a former student interested in this work), please contact us so we can discuss getting you registered for the site.