High School Journalism Final Project

In this final project for a high school journalism course, students use a project-based-learning format to research a contemporary problem facing journalism and advocate for a solution. Then, using a journalistic format (news article, podcast/radio report, video report), they present the controversy and their solution to the class.

On the first day, we watched a video about a group of journalism students exposing fraud perpetrated by a successful superintendent candidate in their district and talked about the power of student advocacy in a journalistic context. We followed that with these steps:

• discussing the project-based learning format

• building umbrella questions for journalism

• brainstorming topics and building groups around those topics

• creating umbrella questions for the specific topics, first individually then in groups focused on specific topics

• delegating research tasks within groups and setting individual checkpoints for that research (and a sharing date for team members)

Then we were off!

Between assigning the final step and meeting on that date for team collaborations, we explored this document together, as model and guidance to be ready for that meeting!

See student work.