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Media Literacy to Assess and Evaluate News and Current Events

Dr. Allison Butler of Mass Media Literacy (MML) shares “Post-Election, Post-Truth : Using    Comprehensive Media Literacy to Assess and Evaluate News and Current Events.” The guide offers concepts and understandings using critical media literacy skills to evaluate the current, post-election news environment, including fake news, satire, and propaganda. The guide is primarily designed for librarians, but it the document can be adapted for anyone interested in applying critical media literacy activities to support students, families, and community patrons. Lesson ideas are included that employ satire to analyze news as well as work for student-directed learning.

Corporate Media Issues

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    I see five options for dealing with the political world: 1) everything’s cool, disengage, 2) take to the hills with a rifle and some dried food, 3) electoral politics,...
    May 26, 2017
  • ‘Junk Food News’ Distracts from Systemic Issues

    A story about Beyoncé practically exudes “buying mood”. Everyone wants to have her clothes, her makeup, her music, and now her nursery. Celebrities promote consumerism. How could a dead black man possibly compete with that?
    May 2, 2017
  • Lessons from Occupy

    Occupy began in September 2011 for many of the same reasons as the Arab Spring. In both cases, government was not responding to the needs of the people. The...
    April 21, 2017