The Rise and Fall of Mohamed Morosi

Mohamed Morsi was a very short lived president. When he first rose to power he was seen by many egyptians as preoccupied with gaining political control rather than trying...

Mohamed Morsi was a very short lived president. When he first rose to power he was seen by many egyptians as preoccupied with gaining political control rather than trying to fix the social and economic problems of egypt. He rose to power because of the Muslim Brotherhood and many Egyptians felt that he only represented the Muslim brotherhood rather than all of Egypt. There are a few main reasons why he was overthrown almost immediately after he took office.

One reason is that while he was president he was seen by most Egyptians as more preoccupied with gaining political control rather than trying to fix the country. Another reason is that in november of 2012 he issued a declaration that protected the team of people he had appointed to draft the new constitution of Egypt from any judicial challenge. This effectively immunised any decisions on changes to the constitution that he made from any legal challenge. This move was criticized by many Egyptians because it was seen as a way for Morosi to gain total power over egypt.

On june 30th 2013 protesters gathered all over Egypt, calling for president Morsi to resign. At the same time as these protests his supporters held a massive sit-in at Raabba Al-Adawya Square in Cairo. Before the the protests started on the 30th there were smaller protests on the 29th of june that lead to deadly confrontations between protestors and Morsi supporters. On the 30th the protests across Egypt started to gain a lot of momentum. The protests started that morning with marches throughout Cairo, Alexandria and other major cities. The protests continued on all day eventually escalating to an attack on the headquarters of the muslim brotherhood by protesters. The next morning the protesters eventually broke into and raided the headquarters , looted it and then lit it on fire. There was also a massive sit in that had the government complex completely surrounded The protesters were demanding the early resignation of the president with new elections being held early. Many of the protesters actually brought couches with them as a way of showing that they would not leave without the resignation of the president. On the 2nd the protests grew even larger with protesters completely backing up all of the roads leading to Tahrir square. These protests eventually led to the removal of Morsi from office.


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