Understanding Social Media & Privacy

A Lesson Plan

Developed by University of Massachusetts Communication majors Molly McKinney, Allison Levin, Annamarie Wadiak, and Benjamin Mancall, under the guidance of Professor Allison Butler, these lesson plans are designed to teach pre-teens and teenagers how to make sense of social media and privacy. Each lesson has age-appropriate lessons and activities that explore social media history, privacy expectations, and ways to work directly with social media in order to understand privacy choices and implications. You can view the lesson plans here.

Social Media

Academic professionals and student writers


  • “Fitspiration”

    By Julie O’Melia Brands have invaded social media as the newest platform to encourage users to remain obsessed with appearances through hyper commercialism. There are an increasing number of...
  • Social Media Addiction: #AQuickLook

    We have all heard people say that social media is addicting, but it wasn’t until I took a class that focuses on social media that I realized just how...
  • A Watch to Remember

    The rise of social media has become a go-to source for the advertising industry with companies spending billions of dollars annually to have their products and brands plastered everywhere...
  • Homeless in a Digital Age

    By Rachael Potts, Raymundo Pedroza, Kahealani Simmons, Scott Ault, and Cameron Stover (California State University, East Bay). Faculty Adviser: Nolan Higdon (California State University, East Bay) Statement of Problem...