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“The decrepit, reactionary Supreme Court ruled in favor of for-profits when they ruled that arbitration is the only option for students cheated by for-profit, predatory colleges.  Obama and his Department of Mis-Education support for-profit colleges with a gusto.  They even support student loan fraud and have given Navient, a corporation spun off from the Lumina Foundation and Sallie Mae, mercenaries for profit, contracts after federal prosecutors recommended Navient be indicted for fraud” (


What we have done to higher education and those wishing to engage in it is simply criminal and part and parcel of the culture of cruelty that has swept the nation.
By allowing for-profit colleges to put a clause in their contracts with students, forcing them to go to arbitraation if criiminal acts are committed and denying them access to the courts is how the Supreme Court has now rewarded the drive-by for-profit colleges.  Many if not most students of these criminal syndicates are unaware that they have been impeded in their quest for justice by the use of ‘arbitration clauses’ that work to their disfavor.
What is equally insidious is that the so-called ‘teachers’ unions’ have not only said nothing about this ongoing scam, but they continue to invest in for-profit colleges with member’s contributions, loading up pension funds with worthless stock and undermining the public commons.  State Teacher Retirement Funds are loaded with for-profit college stocks and this is one reason that the Obama administration seeks to protect the organized criminals who run and fund the insidious colleges (
Van Roekel, NEA past president, Arnie Duncan of the Department of Education and current NEA president, Eskelsen break bread while targeting students
Wall Street and the ‘union leaders’ and ‘hedge fund managers’ for teacher pensions have locked arms and work now to assure students not only do not get an education, but that Wall Street gobbles up more and more of your tax monies in fraudulent student loans for the mafia run schools.
Denying justice to students, allowing criminal enterprises to flourish, saddling students with $1.2 trillion in student loan debt and assuring no education is provided to our young people is the policy of the Obama administration making Obama even worse than George W. Bush.
The Obama 20/20 plan for higher education is not known by most people for the corporate, supplicant press refuses to report on it.  Nevertheless, The Obama plan is purely a bold attempt to monetize students, shed teaching as a profession, diminish our culture much more and is a tragedy beyond proportions; it is of course hidden behind the soft underbelly of modern rhetoric and sophistry and is repeated over and over again by the sock puppet corporate press that is fully behind the ‘reform’ in higher education.  It is also part of the culling of students, eliminating those who do not conform to the Obama ‘school-to-no-work curriculum (

The good news is that as the corporate press suppresses the news on Obama and his Department of Mis-Education and the forces that support it, students are beginning to become refugees from slumber and aer fighting.


One such students is  Debbie Brenner.  Debbie has not only stood up to the ruthless criminals and the arbitration clauses that have reduced justice to little more than a memory, but she is also a aprt of a new documentary entitled, ” Lost in the Fine Print (2014) – Watch the Trailer!“.

We can only hope that you will watch this new documentary and stand with Debbie and countless others who have the compunction to fight the corruption and Ponzi scheme that is for-profit education.

Here is Debbie’s story and we thank her and all participants in the new documentary who are fighting what can only be called a criminal syndicate.

From:  Debbie Brenner, BS Cellular Biology/Physiology



September 28, 2014

 My name is Debbie Brenner and I live in Peoria, Arizona.  I am one of three Americans, who were recently included in a major film documentary scheduled to air in Washington DC on October 9th, 2014.  

I have been severely harmed by Forced Binding Arbitration.  The corporation will probably come after me now that I’ve done the film documentary and then I’ll be forced to file for bankruptcy.  I cannot be silenced in fear though, and would like to tell you my story. 

Please watch the documentary when it airs on October 9th, 2014.  

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Lost in the Fine Print (2014) – Watch the Trailer!

What have you Lost in the Fine Print? Sign petitions to fight back.

I fought a for profit college in Tempe, Arizona for federal student loan fraud and other breaches of contract and now have a judgment for the parent corporation’s legal fees to the tune of over $360K.

I had two of the parent corporations own employees (one being the head of admissions) give sworn witness depositions for my side and I still lost!!!!  This Forced Binding Arbitration scam is a racket designed by corporations to enable them to lie, cheat, and steal from consumers and it needs to be stopped!

I have a case that is considered to be a “poster child case” that will prove this fact and I want to tell you my story.

I’m contacting all news reporters I can find who have written about forced binding arbitration and all the states Attorney Generals whom are now handing lawsuits to these horrible corporations.

I have a story that I’m trying to get before legislators in support of the Arbitration Fairness Act.  Right now is the prime time for my case to get recognition because the for profit college industry is under a microscope like at no other time in history.   All one has to do is a Google search and see how for profit colleges are in the news…story after story…and the states Attorney Generals are slapping lawsuits on several of these corrupt corporations.  

I am not the typical student who attends a for profit college.  I already had a degree in pre-med (BS Cellular Biology/Physiology 2005, GPA 3.76) from Arizona State University when I decided to attend Lamson College in 2008 to become a Surgical Technologist.   

I should have been a success story.  I’m including one of the letters for you to read where I’ve sent my story to Kamala Harris, CA Attorney General and Jack Conway, KY Attorney General.  

I’ve spent the past year aligning my case with some of the top federal attorneys in the country and just this past month my story was included in a documentary film being made by the Alliance for Justice and Susan Koch at Cabin Films.  I have read your work on for profit college fraud and hope you will show an interest in my case.


My Case is Documented at Take Justice Back Website:

 I was just filmed in a public documentary by Susan Koch of Cabin Films on August 11th & 12th 2014.

Michelle Schwartz at Alliance for Justice came with Susan Koch to my house for the filming.

My Case is known by the following:

Amy Radon at The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Spencer Wilson AND Paul Bland at Public Justice

Rose Hernandez at The American Association for Justice

My story is as follows:

Student Loan Fraud and Delta Career Education Corporation (Forced Binding Arbitration Case) (2013) Against Lamson College (A College Under the Umbrella of the Delta Career Education Corporation)

The following letter was posted to this website by Debbie Brenner on 8/29/14

And to this website by Debbie Brenner on 9/6/

I have every reason to believe that this corporation Delta Career Education Corporation is continuing their fraud because they have not been held accountable.  They have been sued multiple times by multiple students in different states for the same crimes.

I would consider a Qui Tam suit against Delta Career Education Corporation. Delta is very powerful…they are owned by Gryphon Investors and are headed up by Joseph Kennedy.

I also have the following statement from Mr. Johah Rosenthal, who gave sworn testimony in my arbitration hearing.  We had two of Delta’s own employees testify on the student’s behalf in my case and we still lost!

How does this happen without the corruption of the arbitration association and the arbitrators being in bed with these corporations?  The Fox (Arbitration Attorney) is Guarding the Hen House (The Corrupt Corporation).  Why?  Because if he does not side with the corporation…he will be black balled and not asked to perform arbitration duties again…thus biting the hand that feeds him!

My arbitrator was Mr. Dennis Negron ( and one of the Head’s of Delta Career Education Corporation at the time all this happened was Mr. Alan Sussna, who refers to himself via his own LinkedIn Page as “Serial CEO and Intellectual Assassin”  (

See the blog post from Mr. Rosenthal from this article that I’ve cut and pasted below.—-Are-Our-Students-And-Taxpayers-Being-Served-or-Ripped-Off


“I am a former admissions rep for Miller-Motte college in Wilmington, NC. I started working at the school thinking I was going to help people make a better life for themselves, only to find out everything you have said in this blog is true. Miller-Motte college, like many other technical schools, is owned by Delta Career Education Corporation. I quit my job because I couldn’t do it anymore, I was forced to lie to students about everything from financial aid fraud, graduation rates, job placement, accreditation, transferability of credits, length of programs, tuition rates, cheating on admissions testing’s, everything I am currently fighting them for unemployment as they have contested my claims and they were especially upset when I filed a lengthy formal complaint with ACICS. This corporation is evil and takes advantage of people when they are most vulnerable. All of the employees are not bad, some just need a paycheck, but if you meet an admissions rep who has worked at one of these for profit schools for very long at all then you will know what kind of moral conscience they have. They are sales reps and that is all they are, selling you tuition and a lot of future debt for a piece of paper that will be almost useless, just like when you go into radio shack and they sell you a TV when you came in for batteries, except for them the TV would actually at least work, they are on a much more immoral scale because they are messing with people’s lives and futures. If anyone needs any advice or has questions feel free to write me.”


REMEMBER:  Mr. Jonah Rosenthal testified on my behalf.

The other key witness we had was Jeff Bing who was the Director of the Surgical Technology Dept. at Lamson College in Tempe…the college I sued under Delta’s Corporate Umbrella.

He gave sworn testimony on my behalf…yet I still lost and was made liable for Delta’s TWO law firms fees.

YES…Delta hired two law firms with a slew of lawyers to fight us…why?  Because they had been sued before and knew they were guilty…they pulled out all the stops.   I promise you they are continuing on with their fraud…because no one is stopping them!

Thanks for considering my plight and I look forward to hearing from you.  I’m telling my case to anyone who may be interested in fighting student loan fraud and forced binding arbitration.

Please watch my documentary on October 9th, 2014

Lost in the Fine Print (2014) – Watch the Trailer!