High School Students: Call for Student Work!

Let's go BIG with work from high school students!

CALL FOR STUDENT WORK: SCHOOL VIOLENCE #booststudents #amplifystudents

Educators often talk about the need for an authentic audience for student creators. CML ConnectED/GCMLP invites students and other young people to submit content for publication on the subject of activism related to violence in schools, especially gun violence.

What kind of content can I submit?

Hassan el-Hamalawy (CC)

This content includes but is not limited to March for Our Lives actions and the #enough and #neveragain movements. Because amplifying the voice of our youth is about empowerment not ideology, we welcome
all perspectives.

We are seeking work created by young people, whether in a classroom context, through a community-based program, or independently.


Submissions may include the following, but you are free to suggest other approaches:

  • original reporting on youth efforts to effect change related to this issue
  • first-person accounts from attending rallies
  • different perspectives on the issues
  • commentary on treatment of youth activists in and by the media
  • explorations of the role of social media in activism
  • reports on projects conducted to forward activism in this realm

Formats may include the following, but you are free to suggest others:

  • text (include at least one image, public domain or licensed as Creative Commons)
  • audio (podcasts, spoken word essays, etc.)
  • video
  • infographic

Works must adhere to U.S. copyright laws, including Fair Use exemptions for the inclusion of copyrighted material. Creative Commons licensing may also apply.

When must I submit work? Because youth action on this issue will be ongoing for some time to come, there is no set deadline for submissions. Send us ideas over time! Keep them coming!

How do I submit work? Please e-mail your submission proposal (a brief explanation of the work to be considered) or questions to Ben Boyington or DM @GCMLProject. Ben will engage with you within a few hours.



If you would like to share this call for work across your networks, you can find it here in PDF form.



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