With More People Coming Out As Transgendered, Do We Need Nongendered Pronouns?

As a result, there is widespread confusion about which terms are appropriate for discussions of gender
All Gender Restroom Sign

Student Researcher and Writer: Glenn Wohltmann

Faculty Evaluator: Melissa Korber

Las Positas College

Livermore, California

A large amount of the US population has been raised to think of gender in terms of the male/female binary. However, in recent years there has been a growing effort to challenge and undermine this oft repeated inaccuracy. As a result, there is widespread confusion about which terms are appropriate for discussions of gender. In this article, Las Positas College student Glenn Wohltmann argues that the public needs guidelines for acceptable use of language regarding discussions of gender. Read the Full Article at: http://lpcexpressnews.com/we-need-new-language/

Contact Glenn Wohltmann: glennergy1@gmail.com

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